Howard Abrams

What can I say, but welcome to my web site. If you have discovered this page, you must be lost.

Technical Notes

Software engineer by trade, I blog about technical interests, like:

ClojureJavaJavaScriptLinuxEmacsOther Stuff


Taught myself to program in 1980 on the hyped sensation of microcomputers. Graduated from the University of Utah, and in 1993, I changed my programming focus from graphics to networking and the nascent Internet. During the 2000s, I helped startups in Portland, Oregon build web applications and web services. In 2013, I switched to a DevOps-focus by hosting large instances of OpenStack for Workday.

Feel free to contact me or view my resume for details.

A passion I’ve shared over the years has been the fun I’ve had with Emacs, for instance:

Even my other presentations were often presented in Emacs:

Contacting Me

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