Howard Abrams

Software Architect
Cordys, Inc.

H&R Block's "Ask for Tax Advice"

When I started with the company, the professional services organization had just got a contract with H&R Block to produce a new web application where their tax advisors could communicate with their clients. The project needed to be ready for the tax season ... in about 2 months.

I helped clarify the requirements by creating a Mockup UI Application. This was written completely in Javascript using YahooUI components and AJAX techniques for acquiring the data. The mockup was regularly used with the client to help them visualize the final product.

This mockup served as the basis for the final product: The Ask for Tax Advice portal.

SDF Repository

SDF Screenshots

The professional services division within Cordys produces a large amount of software, and I was asked to help aggregate this software and extracting the reusable components in hopes of recovering some of our investment. We determined that we needed a repository where components could stored and later retrieved by other developers.

The repository needed to take into consideration that components may be updated, and therefore we needed to allow multiple versions. We also needed to be able to store information and documentation on installing and working with the components.

I quickly prototyped the initial repository using the Grails Framework, and had a functionally complete application within the month. This "proof of concept" was so good, I was asked to put a "version 1.0" sticker on it. The company is still using this product.

Along with the code, I also wrote a number of Wiki pages explaining details of the project. You can read some of the extracted information.

Other Projects

I worked on and built other projects, including a Portal Dashboard for internal executives.